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Holli Mosley

"I'll Be There" on Soundcloud

"I'm Not Who you think I Am" on youtube

Just like the twinkling blooms of southern Star Jasmine, singer Holli Mosley’s voice infuses the air with sweet, sultry melodies that are taking this artist straight to the top. From opening the stage for the likes of Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton & Travis Tritt and into the hallowed halls of Muscle Shoals’ FAME Recording Studios, Holli has positioned herself alongside some of the most venerated southern rock & soul performers of the last 50 years. Under the tutelage of FAME Studios President Rodney Hall, Holli is perfecting her sound with hand-picked writers and seasoned session players dubbed the new FAME gang – a modern day version of the studio’s legendary rhythm section.

The combination of Holli’s soulful lyrics, powerful voice and company she keeps will make her first single and EP, due out in 2016, the one to watch. Capturing the essence of the Muscle Shoals’ sound, Holli is recording in-studio with The Swampers – the original FAME band members that helped put the town on the music industry’s map. Collaborations on the album feature guest writers and performances by The SteelDrivers’ lead vocalist Gary Nichols, Larry Byrom of Steppenwolf fame and Grammy Award winner John Paul White, formerly of The Civil Wars.

Holli_Mosley4Holli’s musical talent is seemingly genetic, passed straight down through her grandfather’s country & bluegrass lineage, directly into her soulful sound. At the tender age of 8, she knew she wanted to sing, began competing and has been climbing the ranks ever since. Crediting country as an early influence in her life, Holli now looks to southern rock & soul as a source of inspiration. As her musical tastes have matured, so has Holli’s voice – the result of which leaves her a rising star on the Country and Americana landscape.

Her drive and determination has taken her from humble beginnings in Mobile, Alabama to opening for major music industry stars.

Below is a chronicle of Holli’s rise to FAME:
In 1996 Holli was chosen to sing the National Anthem at the Mobile BayBears baseball game at the age of 9.

In 2000, at the age of 13, she placed second in the entire nation after representing the State of Alabama in the National Singing Championship in Nashville, Tennessee. That same year, Holli became the youngest person to win the Mississippi state title in the Colgate Country Showdown, the largest talent search for country artists in the nation.

In 2003, Holli competed against 200 people from across the Southeast and won the chance to sing the National Anthem during the NASCAR race at the Talladega Speedway. In 2004, she was invited back to sing on national television during the NASCAR BUSCH Race on FOX.

In 2005, she was chosen to sing the National Anthem for her hometown Senior Bowl, an annual invitation-only football showcase for the best college football players in the country.

2007 & 2008 represented her biggest breaks to date, as Holli opened the stage for Jason Aldean, Clay Walker and Rhett Aikens.

Holli_Mosley5In 2010, Holli competed with over 1,500 people at the Wind Creek Casino in the “Sing Your Way To $100k” contest, took second place and a $10,000 award. It was there where she was discovered by FAME Studio heir and President Rodney Hall. Her recognition also put her in front of larger markets when she opened for country superstars Travis Tritt, Blake Shelton and Colt Ford later that year.

Holli was signed as a new artist with FAME Recording Studios in 2013 and her new band was formed. Her first single is due out in 2016.


dylan_leblanc.jpgDylan LeBlanc

Although the Golden era of Alabama's fabled Muscle Shoals sound had passed by the time Dylan was born in 1990, his ancestral roots and family background connected him to one of the most significant sources in the rich tapestry of American music. His father's position as a Muscle Shoals session player and songwriter meant that early in life Dylan was privy to the sights and sounds of an unvarnished, vanishing epoch and such legends as Spooner Oldham. "I grew up around a lot of the session players… when I was 11 or 12, I would watch and ask a lot of questions, so for me it was like going to music college," is how the tall, gentle voiced, lank haired Shreveport, Louisiana native remembers it. "It seemed like a much simpler world - it was romantic to me the way everyone sat in a circle and “took it from the top”. They just played and hit the record button. That’s the path I followed when I made this album." Dylan expands… "for me music is about getting together with a group of people who  feel like family - you create a bond, feeding off each other. Just a look or a hand gesture and they know what you’re talking about." Dylan's progress was natural, organic - learning the ropes as a young sideman helped define his own worldview and artistry through his teens.


jasonisbell.jpgJason Isbell

Here's the story of the band name, because it's a good story and deserves telling, and the telling says what needs finishing here. Jason begins, "There is a mental treatment facility here in Florence called The 400 Unit. About once a week they would drive downtown and take, I guess, the six or eight healthiest people in the facility and let 'em go downtown. Give 'em all like $15 apiece to go get some lunch. You'd immediately recognize who it was and why they were there; they all had nametags on, saying kinda strange stuff to everybody. And trying to get a sandwich at the same time.

"When I started thinking about a band, and how we get to a new town and everybody gets $15 and gets out of the van, goes out and tries to get a sandwich, it kinda reminded me of that."

Yeah, it's a sad record, but he's laughing. And it's a good sound, all around.


angela_james.jpgAngela Hacker

I am a proud mother of the most awesome son. I have amazing family and friends in my life and I am so blessed to have them.

Music is my passion. It has always been a huge part of my life. Being surrounded by my family who were all singers and musicians, my brother, sisters and I were born with the love for music. I wrote my first song at the age of 10. At the age of 13 I won my first school talent show and I was hooked.

I am so lucky to be able to do what I love. I have signed with Rick Hall at Fame Recording and Publishing Company in Muscle Shoals, Alabama as a writer. I have been fortunate to have written with some great writers such as, Billy Lawson, James Leblanc, Mercury Recording Artist Gary Nichols, James Slater, Kris Bergsnes and the late Ava Aldridge.

My style of Country, R&B and Rock and Roll has strongly been influenced by the Muscle Shoals Sound.


gary_nichols.jpgGary Nichols

For the past half-century, Muscle Shoals, Alabama has produced some of the finest musicians of our day. From W.C. Handy to Percy Sledge and the immortal Muscle Shoals Rhythm Sections otherwise known as "The Swampers", Muscle Shoals has always been a hotbed of talent. Gary Nichols is the next in line of the great Muscle Shoals songwriting performers. Even though he is only 30 years old Gary has been playing professionally for nearly 20 years. The hotshot instrumentalist, singing wonder and songwriting champ fits the classic definition of a “guitar slinger,” but he’s no novice. This is a role he was born to play. Gary has been playing guitar and singing since the age of 6. As a teenager, Gary played with his uncle Larry Condrey, who subbed on gigs for the legendary Muscle Shoals guitar great Travis Wammack.


james_leblanc.jpgJames LeBlanc

James LeBlanc was born and raised in Shreveport Louisiana. He has been playing since his Dad taught him to play as a toddler. In his teen years James started writing songs and playing in local bands. Over the years his following began to grow to include other songwriter’s and musicians. In 1995 one of these musician friends sent son of James’ songs to Rodney Hall at Fame Publishing. After two years of staying in close touch with the FAME staff, James was signed to FAME Publishing’s, House of Fame branch. Since that time James has fast become one of the hottest songwriters around garnering cuts on artists such as Rascal Flatts(3), Martina McBride, Travis Tritt(2), Joe Diffie, Sara Evans, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Heartland and Cyndi Thompson(2). In late 2000 James relocated to Muscle Shoals, Alabama where has continued to pursue his livelong music habit. James first hit single was released on Travis Tritt. The song is entitled “Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde. The song garnered James his first top 10 single and ASCAP award for One of the Most Performed Songs of the Year. More Recently James has landed the title cut on Platinum artist Jason Aldean, as well as two cuts on Gary Allan’s forthcoming project. James also recently signed to FAME Records and will be releasing his next cd this fall. As an artist James released a singer/songwriter cd titled “Muscle Shoals City Limits” in 2003. The CD garnered widespread critical Acclaim throughout the music industry.


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