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Gary Nichols - The Way We Do It Down South

FAME is proud to be a part of Gary Nichols' debut release, "The Way We Do It Down South"! This soulful and southern drenched album, recorded at FAME studios, has gained the support of Firefly Vodka by using his single "Tailgate" to soundtrack their cross-country Tailgate Challenge.

The Way We Do it Down South includes:

  1. Life With the Tailgate Down
  2. Makin' Love 4 A Livin'
  3. Coming of Age
  4. Somethin' With Some Attitude
  5. Too Much
  6. My Heart's the Only Part
  7. Down South
  8. Going Fast
  9. Making Love To You
  10. Heartstrings
  11. Lost

Nichols' songwriting has had much success on it's own, with cuts for Randy Travis, James Otto, Andy Griggs and more, his tenure with FAME Publishing has proven successful. His diversity makes him a major player in the industry; this April he joined forces with contemporary bluegrass favorite, The SteelDrivers, to lend lead vocals and guitar.

The Way We Do It Down South was produced by Nichols and FAME's own Rodney Hall and welcomes other FAME Publishing hit-makers like James LeBlanc, Walt Aldridge and Brad Crisler.

To follow Firefly's "On the Fly Tour" Tailgate Challenge, visit www.fireflyonthefly.com

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