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Jason Isbell - Southeastern



Jason Isbell - Southeastern

Track list:  1. Cover Me Up  2. Stockholm  3. Traveling Alone  4. Elephant  5. Flying Over Water  6. Different Days  7. Live Oak  8. Songs That She Sang In The Shower  9.New South Wales  10. Super 8  11. Yvette  12.  Relatively Easy




Blurt Magazine

Jun 13, 2013

Listening to this stunning album will provide you with your own moment of clarity. Don’t let it slip away.

Oct 16, 2013
What makes the album itself addictive is Isbell's fusing of gothic Memphis blues and Nashville tenderness. 

Jun 18, 2013

Here, he mostly dials back the volume to plumb heavy emotions.

Oct 8, 2013

The result of his efforts is a celebration of the strength of his character and like his personal journey, Southeastern is story full of meaning and it commands the listener’s full attention.

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