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FAME Honey-2017


From the Walls of FAME comes FAME Honey


4 years ago, employees noticed a large swarm of bees coming from  the back wall of FAME Studios.  Ironically they were coming from the back of studio B.  Knowing of the crisis with the deciline of the bee population in the US, FAME called on local bee and organic farming expert Steve Carpenter of Jack O' Lantern Farms to assist, so not to harm the bees.  Steve spent a few nights a month over the next year and a half catching the bees at sundown and placing them in a hive.  After much work Steve finally caught the Queen.  Since that time the bees have been happily making honey on Steve's farm in their new hive.  So these bees and this honey was born from the "Walls of Fame".

1 lb pure FAME Muscle Shoals honey

$25.00 Now $20.00
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